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The Richtershaw

The Richtershaw is a fully electric, fully mobile, battery powered moving piece of art/DJ booth. Based off of a pedicab frame and inspired by the rickshaws of the world, the Richtershaw takes the standard rickshaw and pumps the bass to 11 - effectively sending the vehicle off of the Richter scale.

Envisioned by it's owner Ryan Rambo in 2021, Ryan collaborated with Nick Palmer, the main artist on the build, to construct a completely unique art car experience. The vehicle was completed just in time for Burning Man 2022.

Since then, Rambo has collaborated with lighting wizard Jason "Magellan" Hager to design the lighting scheme (fully programable from an iPad and it's own wifi network).

Special mention to Aaron Brietbard, the principal mechanic of the Richtershaw; and he's made upgrades/improvements to the original design.

The Richtershaw is available for rent for your private event. We have several packages available including sound upgrades for larger events.

Richtershaw Glow Plaza.HEIC
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